OBD2 Devices – ELM 327

About the Device

The device plugs into your OBD2 port and can connect via either WiFi Bluetooth, depending on the device that you purchase. I recommend the WiFi one. Why? Because it is faster than what a Bluetooth one is, there is less lag. There is a video below demonstrating the device in action. The WiFi device works with both Android and iOS, however, the Bluetooth one only works with Android, unable to work on any iOS device.

The device that most people get is the elm 327 OBD2 device off eBay. Prices vary, but here is a link to one – https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ELM327-WIFI-OBD2-OBDII-Wireless-Car-Diagnostic-Reader-Scanner-Adapter-for-iPhone-/150875334132

Connecting to the device

Now you have the device, how do you connect to it? Well, that would depend on what one you bought!


  • Works on Android
  • Works on iPhone
  • Works with most of the apps available.


  • Works on Android
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone
  • Works with most of the apps available.

What apps are available? There are two mains ones:

  • Dash Command which will set you back about $10
  • Torque Pro costing you about $5.

I personally use Dash Command on iOS for my iPad and iPhone as well as the permanently mounted Android Tablet within the car. Having more technical data of the car available at the touch of a screen is very handy, especially when you want to diagnose issues and look for faults within your vehicle.



Device in Action

I have created a few videos that you can see the device in action. Although they may seem months old, they still show you the performance of what you can see instantly on the screen.