Can you remove VHTnightshade?


How to remove VHT nightshade?

It is often asked how to remove nightshade from car tail lights, head lights or from indicators. Well, I have an answer for you!

First of all, Nite shade or Nightshade is a spray on tint that is often used on lights of vehicles to make them darker. A picture is included of what the spray looks like. It is available from many auto car stores like Autobarn or Supercheap Auto.

Previously I have done nightshade on my side indicators of my VE….. and it looked good. Then I decided to do it on my tail lights. Well, the first time I did it, it was very dark and darker than I had planned. Being dark, it is hard to see reversing lights, indicators and brake lights. It also attracts the police and possible gets you a nice yellow sticker for it…. also known as a defect notice. At night, this wasn’t such a big issue for me, you could see the lights fine which is shown in some of the below pictures. However, during the day, it was very hard to see.

So I needed to redo my lights as they were too dark. I knew that mentholated spirits wouldn’t work so you can cross that one off the list. I thought about paint stripper….. I had some in a small can, so I grabbed it and had a good…. that was good, but when it dries up it goes hard and is a pain to get off. Also with paint stripper, it scuffs the plastic exterior of the lights.

The magic product is paint thinners. I asked my father-in-law for some paint thinners and it was perfect! Came off with ease and was easy to do! So go out and buy yourself some paint thinners!

After removing my first attempt, the plastic didn’t look very good after removing it all and it looked crappy. So I just topped it all off with two very light (and I mean light) coats of Nite Shade to just top of the lights and still have that dark look. You can easily see the lights during the day and during the night so no police attention or yellow sticker!

Here are some of the photos of the procedure

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