Holden VE Low Oil Pressure

Holden VE P0521 code

After some time, a Holden VE can have Oil Pressure issues which I found out is due to a faulty oil pump. This can trigger a P0521 Code.

I thought it was the timing chains, but the issue was still there after replacement. Whilst it was not as bad, it was still pretty annoying when I had spent $2k on timing chain replacement. Between the timing chains being done and then another 18 months, I had a P0521 code triggered with the “Check Engine” error light.

I tried replacing the Oil Pressure sensor as after some research, it was an issue for many. However, in my case it still didn’t fix the problem.

I took it to a new mechanic since I had relocated and they found it was a faulty oil pump. There was a defective valve/flap within the oil pump that was allowing the oil to drain back to the sump and not remain within the system. This meant that upon start-up, it sounded like a truck with the rattle of chains. The symptoms are very similar to timing chain issues.

In hindsight, I should have replaced the Oil Pump when my timing chains were replaced.

Symptoms of P0521 Error

  • Check engine light
  • Oil pressure warning light
  • Oil pressure gauge too high/low
  • Engine stall

Causes of P0521 Error

  • Faulty Pre-Catalyst oxygen sensor
  • Faulty wiring/connections
  • Short or open ground in the wiring
  • Blown Fuse
  • Engine coolant temperature sensor is not operating correctly
  • Faulty Power Control Module

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