How to fix alternator whine in speakers

It is a common problem within the Holden VE or some other vehicles is that some alternator whine (high pitch sound) comes through the sound system when you play music via your mobile device (e.g. – iPhone etc) while the device is on charge using the AUX input.It is mainly when playing via AUX inputs whilst charging via a 12V USB connection. I have had a similar issue occur in my wife’s BMX X3 09. It wasn’t as bad as the VE, but it was there when the music was up loud or it was a quiet song.

How do I stop my alternator whine in my stereo?

There is a simple $10 fix available from Jaycar or online via eBay. The way I have fixed it is by purchasing a Ground Loop Isolator – For $9.95 you can solve the issue and charge your mobile device while playing music.

I have found this to solve my issue and can play music via many iPhones and charge them at the same time without any issue at all.

holden ve alternator whine
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