Omega Series 1 with SSV Exhaust

Holden VE Series 1 Omega

This Omega is a Series 1 that had the single exhaust on the drivers side of the vehicle. With the Series 2, the Omegas came out with Dual exhausts but with single tips. For a series 2, you could just change the mufflers and it would look great. But for a Series 1, you had to change the whole lot to get the dual mufflers.

For the Omega Series 1 as well you need to change the diffuser or cut the current one. Pictures are below.

This exhaust is off a SSV AFM Series 2 V8 Wagon.

Video 1

This Omega has had a VE Series 2 V8 SSV Wagon AFM Exhaust put onto it. It is stock and has had no engine mods performed to it. This was taken the evening of the exhaust being fitted to the vehicle.

Video 2

This video is a little later after months of having it fitted.

Before & After Pictures