Holden VE Exhaust Compatibility

Can a VE Wagon/Sedan exhaust fit a Ute?

No, ute have longer tips and some other components within the mid section of the exhaust, so essentially no. If you want a Ute exhuast, get a ute exhaust. They are about 150mm longer overall.

Can a VE Ute exhaust fit on a Wagon/Sedan?

No, ute have longer tips and some other components, so essentially no. The ute exhausts are about 150mm longer overall. If you want an exhaust to fit your sedan or wagon, get wagon or a sedan exhaust.

Can a Sedan Exhaust Fit a Wagon? And vice versa.

Yes, they are both the same, so go for it! Personally, I had a VE Series II SSV Wagon Exhaust on my Omega Sedan Series I.

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