What Globes are in VE VF Commodore?

It is often asked what globes are required for the VE VF whether it be headlights, parkers, fog lights, tail lights or number plate globes. Find out the specifics on what size and type you need to replace in your VE or VF Commodore.

Holden VE VF Front Light & Headlight Globes

  • High Beam Headlights – H9
  • Low Beam Headlights – H7
  • Parkers – T10
  • Fog Lights – H11 or H10

Holden VE VF Front & Rear Indicator Globes

  • Indicators – BAU15s
Please note – if you do get LED’s you will need load resistors to stop fast flashing. The rear load resisters are easy to install, front are a bit more difficult
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