Installing Driving Lights on Ford Ranger without Bull Bar or Nudge Bar

Mounting Driving Lights without Bull Bar

Here is an article about me replacing my existing Lightbar Install with a set of Driving Lights and a new Lightbar. All on a Ford Ranger without a Nudgebar or Bull bar Installed.

Please Note – This does require a bit of wiring and electrical knowledge, so if you are unsure seek some assistance.


Parts that I used for this project are:

Other items you will need include wiring tools such as soldering iron, some 12V DC cable, cable strippers and cutters.

The Install
  • I installed the wiring harness into the car and the Headlight Patch Cable. (I didn't wire any of the lights during this process just yet).
  • Next was mounting the driving lights to the number plate mount. Due to its width, I only used two of the Driving Light holes and then bolted through. I did need an additional bolt (which was smaller) due to the supplied bolts being very big and not fitting through the plate mount holes.
  • I used the supplied mounts for the lightbar and bolted that to the number plate mount.
  • I then ran the cabling to the lights to where the cable was best suited. Wiring it up into the wiring harness. Because I had 3 lights running on the 1 Harness, I need to do some additional wiring and cabling. The wiring kit I used from the Lightbar purchase only had 1 light connector.
  • Once wired and tested the lights. I fitted the mount back to the number plate spot. This is held in by screws.
  • Due to the weight of the driving lights, it wasn't entirely secure. So I used cable sites from the back of the driving light brackets through the grill and secured to the grill which is very sterdy now.
Here is a video on dusk of the driving lights
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