How To Install UHF Radio Ford Ranger or Ford Everest

This is a two-way radio install on a Ford Ranger PX3. I have installed 2 x UHF + VHF Dual Band Radio for Amateur Radio frequencies.

It was pretty straightforward once I understood how things needed to go and come out.

I hope you find this helpful when installing it in your vehicle. I think this would be similar to a Ford Everest as well.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Mounting the radio body/bodies

I mounted the radio bodies underneath the passenger seat. The two radios I installed have remote heads which can be detached from the radio unit and mounted elsewhere.

Using the mobile brackets that came with my radios, I just used cable ties to wrap them around the metal frame of the passenger seat.

I haven’t had any movement or a rattle. Plus it is easy to run cables to and from the radio bodies.

Step 2 – Power

Now I was advised that you shouldn’t run the negative (earth) from the battery due to monitoring within the Ford Ranger. Why you ask? I am told that it is due to battery monitoring systems within the computer that might cause some issues. In saying that, it might be different for earlier models or it could be a Px3 thing only. But I found a pretty easy earth on the interior to avoid using the negative on the battery anyway, so it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.

I ran a positive + negative 12V cable through into the engine bay, however, I only used the positive wire. I’ve got the negative cable there should I need it in the future. I have two 12V cables for each radio to make it neat.

I also implement a 15 AMP Fuse on both radio lines. It is fused close to the radio already, but safe to have another fuse in the engine bay to avoid a fire and burning the entire cable out. The Fuse Holders are from Supercheap Auto.

The negative that I tapped into was behind the plastic trim.

I soldered two ring terminals to the end of a negative wire and then put it behind the screw tab.

The positive cables I ran from the engine bay I soldered to my already run 12V cable and then wrapped in electrical tape to protect.

Step 3 – Mounting the Radio Heads

To mount the radio heads, I found this cool mount from Out There N Back which is mainly for a UHF CB microphone or a phone mount. But it was perfect for my radio head mounts with a few small bolts through the holes.

Step 5 – Running Microphone & Speaker Cables

Similar to the remote head cables, I ran them behind the centre console along the plastic for the footwell, down along the plastic side of the seat (similar to the power) and then under the seat.

The speakers I cabled tied to the seat adjustment rail.

The microphone cables pop out the other side and sit in the centre console.

Step 6 – Mounting Antennas

I don’t have a bullbar or a nudge bar on my Ranger so I have used some alternative mounts that are pretty good for the bonnet or boot lid. The mounts can be adjusted in all directions to make sure your antenna is vertical.

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