Ignition Remote Wire for Amp

What are you talking about?

With most amp installs you want the amp to be turned on by a source when you want it to be and not have it run 24/7. Most installs have the ignition source from when the car is turned on and the ignition is operating.

I personally have my ignition source from the 12V accessories so when the car is turned onto accessories or is running the amp is turned on.

Option 1

You can run your ignition wire from the 12v accessories generally available in the center console of the car and then run the wire into the boot or the location of the amp (depending if you have a sedan, wagon or ute).

Option 2

There are multiple points in the under the dash, however I highly recommend choosing option 1 as it is also fused and that fuse which easily located and replaced. If you run it from under the dash, it could potentially take out other electronics within your dash which could be important while operating and driving the vehicle.


When doing these modifications ensure you have a mutli-meter handy!